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 Reddan, Aida A.
Born: 09/01/1932
Died: 10/09/2002
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Reddan, Aida A.

Reddan, Aida A. age 80 of Hackettstown, NJ died Tuesday October 9, 2012 at the Regency Grand Care Center Dover, NJ. Born in Ponce Puerto Rico, she had lived many years in Bergen County, New Milford and Dumont before moving to Hackettstown three months ago.             Daughter of the late Phillip and Mauella (Tull) Molina, Aida was a graduate of the Vocational School Brooklyn, NY. She had worked as a Secretary for the Bergen County Board of Education in Paramus, NJ for more than twenty three years before her retirement in 1994.  Aida was a gifted psychic working from her home and she also served as a Minister.             Survivors include her daughter Anita N. and her husband Angelo Velazquez of Hopatcong, three step daughters Deborah and her husband John Feher of Cliffside Park, Mary Cook of Tupper Lake, NY and Catherine and her husband Mark Vaincourt of Tupper Lake, NY. Also surviving are her sister Julia Matias of Hamburg, and her eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.              Memorial Funeral services will be held Monday October 15, 2012 at 11:00 AM in the Smith-Taylor-Ruggiero Funeral Home One Baker Ave. (Rt. 46) Dover, NJ, followed by interment of cremains in the Locust Hill Cemetery Dover.
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Here are some special memories shared by family and friends.
Anita, I am so glad we have reunited again, you have always been in my heart, we were best friends as kids.. I will always treasure that time we had together, and all our adventures and wonderful memories. I am so sorry for your loss, The loss of a Mom is life changing. Something none of us want to ever go through, You are in my thoughts and prayers. What a blessing and an honor it was to be a part of her last moments, you got to hold and love your Mom all the way to heaven! Not many of us will be able to do or say that. You have loved and honored your Mom in her life and now in her death. God will bless you. I remember your Mom well and I loved her.. I remember her every time i put earrings on, she pierced my ears when I was 13! Wow! Where has the time gone! I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember holding the ice and her coming at me with that big needle! I remember the needle getting stuck in the cork! I do not think she ever used vaseline again! LOL! Oh but when she was finished I looked beautiful in my new earrings that she lent me until I got my own. I remember so many fun times with her... Anita I know it is hard now, but you will see her again, until then she will be with you in your heart, memories and precious treasures... Let her love fill your heart with all you can hold. you are and will always be her beautiful precious daughter. xo
Linda D'Angelo
On Tuesday morning my mother died in my arms. She had a stroke back in April, and was on a consistent decline. I had it in my head that if I kept a positive attitude, and did not give into tears, she would get better. That crying would mean that I gave up. It's weird how I would make up these superstitious guidelines for myself. I know it‚??s a stupid thing to do but maybe it gave me a sense of control, when I knew it was out of my hands. . She recently wound up in hospice. I had been sleeping over in her room so she would not be alone. She lost speech. I would sit up and talk to her, put on the TV, and talk about the show, or the weather, the month, anything. I bought music from different decades. The big band, the 50‚??s, 60‚??s tons of Sinatra, and she would smile when I played it. I was at a loss when alone with her because it was a one sided conversation so it helped when family was with us. On her last night I said a prayer for her, basically telling God her resume. All the fantastic things about her. Her kindness, generosity, wisdom and loving heart, I asked God to take her and thanked him for giving her to me as a mother. Then she died in my arms. I don‚??t know if she could hear me, but I would like to believe that she did, and choose that moment to go. But, before that I saw her spirit leave. Earlier that evening gray line of smoke came out of her mouth in a smooth ribbon of movement. It went down her body to the length of her feet, and then vanished. It looked like if I reached out I could have touched it. It reminded me of an eel swimming through water, smooth and sleek motion. My husband was there, and I asked him if he saw it, and he said no. I thought I was seeing things because I was so tired. In the six months after her stroke, I think I was away from her maybe 11 days, due to different reasons. I tried to make it every day. Later I saw the same smoke haze in her open mouth, but it did not come out. And I still kept thinking I was seeing things due to fatigue. I told my sister about it, and she said it was Mom's soul, but I told her she died a few hrs later. She said that she was leaving to visit and saying her goodbyes. I was thinking about it later and looked on the internet. There were descriptions of the soul leaving the body just like that. When I went home I took cat naps all day. I was so tired. Then I dreamt of her, sitting at my feet, her back against my legs as I sat in the middle of two tree branches. I asked her what she was doing there and she just smiled up at me. She was young and healthy. Maybe it meant that she was the base of my family tree and my roots and strength, I cannot be sure, but it was a nice dream. The thing that finally made me cry was music. It broke my dam. I bought a $1 CD in Wal-Mart, from the 1960‚??s, and I played it on the way to hospice. The British Invasion‚?¶ It was music from my teenage years that my mother and I both enjoyed. She knew the words to all the top 40 songs of my youth, and loved the spirit, freedom, philosophy, and rebellion of that era. She used to say that if she were not a married woman with kids to take care of, she would go live on an Ashram. I heard that music, and visualized her young and healthy, and lost control. I had to drive home, and as I pulled into the driveway, my family was coming out to meet me. I drove with them to hospice and had my last night with her. I cried, she died‚?¶.I hate my superstitions. Every passing is individual, and touches us in unique ways. Appreciate all that comes before, and cherish all that the memories. Thanks all for your prayers‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶..Anita
Anita Velazquez
I am so very sorry to years about your mother's passing. It is because of her and her wonderful spirit that I am on the path I am on now. She opened my life to the spirituality and I am forever grateful. She will always be in my heart.
Robin Wilson
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