Consider These Questions When Choosing a Funeral Home in NJ

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Are you looking for a funeral home in New Jersey to hold your loved one’s final goodbye? Or are you planning your own end of life services, hoping to get everything “just right” for your family and friends? In any case, ask yourself these questions when choosing a funeral home in NJ.

Should You Choose Cremation or Burial Services?
Where your or your loved one’s remains end up is up to you. The best funeral homes in New Jersey offer a variety of services, including burials and cremation services. Think about how your family mourns, where you would like your body to rest, and your budget when answering this question.

Is a Green Funeral or Traditional Funeral Right for You?
If you want the most natural funeral service in town, find a funeral home in NJ that provides green funerals. By reducing environmental contaminants and sticking to a natural process, a green funeral could be a final way of finding peace.

Will You Have a Funeral Service?
Even before the burial or cremation, you need to consider whether you will have a funeral service or memorial service. Many people choose to have a viewing of the deceased prior to the final ceremony, but not everyone chooses this. Some families hold a beautiful memorial services while the body has already been cremated.

Who Handles the Obituary?
You or your family are welcome to write a custom obituary, but if you need any help, funeral directors in NJ can help you plan and publish your obituary in Newton or Dover.

Will You Need a Casket or Funeral Vault?
At the end of your or your loved one’s funeral service, most people choose some sort of casket, burial vault, or funeral vault. This can hold the body of the deceased, or ashes of those who are cremated. The best funeral homes in NJ also sell a variety of high-quality funeral vaults and monuments, so make sure to plan some time to browse.
This is just a sample of the questions we get on a daily basis. For your personalized questions and specific requests, call the Smith Taylor Funeral Home.

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