Continue Your Loved One’s Climate Goals With a Green Funeral

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When a loved one dies, you want to honor their wishes. A green or natural funeral in New Jersey isn’t something that everyone would want, but if your loved one was a huge proponent of battling climate change and “leaving no trace” on the world, the idea their physical remains could leave a lesser impact would be well-received. How do you start planning for a green funeral in Dover? Keep reading to explore your options!

Natural Funerals Can Still Involve a Funeral Service
The first question most people ask when planning a natural funeral in NJ is: Can we still have a funeral and funeral service? This is one of the most important part of end-of-life services, the chance for the surviving family, friends, and loved ones to come together in remembrance and mourning. Just because your loved one isn’t going to be buried in a conventional way doesn’t mean you should skip this step! Talk with your local funeral home director in Dover to explore options for your loved one’s funeral service. The least impact on the earth occurs when the remains are not preserved with chemicals, which may affect your ability to hold a showing of the body. However, natural methods such as cold temperatures can give you some options—and, of course, holding a service for your loved one’s ashes, or without any physical remains at all, is an option.

Burial, Cremation, and Other Natural Funeral Options in NJ
Not only are families in NJ asking their funeral directors about the funeral service, many ask about the most environmentally-friendly way to manage the physical remains. Some of the biggest factors impacting the earth with regard to funeral services involve the chemical embalming process and the caskets and burial vaults used to protect the remains. You have the option to skip either or both of these! Many families choose cremation as a cost-effective, space-preserving, and climate-friendly method of handling remains; others choose to skip the embalming process and bury their loved one in a simple, all-natural pinewood box. Unlike treated or preserved coffins, plain wood will allow nature to do its natural process, giving your loved one the most traditional burial of all.
Whether climate goals were near and dear to your departed loved one, or something that is important to the survivors, the best funeral directors in NJ can help you plan a natural funeral.

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