Here’s What A Funeral During the Holidays Looks Like

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There’s never a good time for a loved one to pass, but losing someone close to you during the holidays can be an unexpected challenge. Should you have a funeral during the holidays? Funeral planners in New Jersey share tips.

Personal and Family Concerns for Planning a Funeral in NJ
Whether you have a funeral during the holiday season or delay it until after the holidays is a very personal choice. For some families, you may want to choose an immediate burial to correspond with spiritual or religious beliefs. For others, you may want to avoid the holidays. It’s all up to what makes you and your loved ones feel the best.

Pros of Holding a Funeral During the Holidays
If you are considering your options, keep in mind that having a funeral during the holidays isn’t always a bad thing. Your loved one has passed away, and nothing will bring them back during the holiday season, but you may have an easier opportunity to grieve during these times. Family members may already be planning to travel for holiday events in New Jersey; funeral services may not be the main activity, but can coordinate with travel. Even more, most people have time off work during the holidays, which can be an important time to grieve and remember the person you have lost.

Cons of Having a Holiday Funeral
Some people choose not to have a funeral during the holidays because they would rather spend their holidays doing traditional favorites and keeping the memories alive. You may also find that all of your family and friends are traveling, but in the wrong direction—out of New Jersey for the other family plans. If this is true for you, waiting until after the holidays to have the funeral may be a smart choice.

No matter when you choose to have your loved one ready for their final resting place, you will benefit from working with skilled funeral directors at NJ’s best funeral homes. We will discuss your options to preserve the remains, and to coordinate times for showing and burial that will work for you and your loved ones.

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