NJ’s Funeral Directors Weigh In on Burial Services Vs. Cremation Services

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Funeral directors in New Jersey know that our families have a lot of tough decisions to make after the loss of a loved one. One of the most common questions that people ask when planning a funeral in Dover, NJ, is whether they should choose burial or cremation services. Keep reading to find out which may be the better choice for your loved ones.

Burial Vs Cremation Services: Which is More Cost Effective?
While you don’t want to cut costs on your loved ones final service, you don’t want to waste money, either. The most cost-effective end of life services are usually cremations. This saves the cost of a casket, body preparation, and can eliminate the need for a gravesite. Of course, many families choose to keep their loved ones remains in a decorative funeral urn, or to inter those remains in a cemetery. Your price depends on your preferences, but the bottom line is: cremation services are usually less expensive.

Can You Have A Traditional Funeral with Cremation?
For many families, the funeral service itself is a vital part of grieving and connecting. If you choose cremation, can you still enjoy a traditional funeral, viewing, and mourning? Absolutely. Regardless of your final plans for your loved ones remains, your funeral home in NJ can accommodate your mourning or grieving rituals.

Are Burials or Cremations More Environmentally Friendly?
Many people make it a mission to reduce their carbon footprint—even after their feet stop making prints at all. If you are interested in a green funeral in New Jersey, there are many options for you to investigate. You can ask your funeral director about natural burial methods, or choose cremation for a limited impact. While neither means of final rest are completely without environmental impact, natural burial and cremation remain the most environmentally-friendly choices.

At the end of a life, your funeral decisions are very private and important. You and your loved ones should think carefully, and call your local funeral home in NJ to ask about any specific details or questions. Whether you choose burial services or cremation, your loved ones remains will be handled with the utmost care and respect at the Smith Taylor Funeral Home.

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