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If you or a loved one are deeply committed to the earth, you may be interested in a green funeral. NJ’s best funeral homes offer a variety of different funeral services, including green or natural funerals that help to reduce the environmental impact of end-of-life services. What should you have in mind when planning a green funeral? NJ’s funeral home directors share tips.

Cremation Vs. Burial: Which To Choose For NJ’s Green Funerals?

Whether you choose cremation or burial services in NJ depends more on your preference than on the earth. Cremation is often turned to as an earth-friendly alternative to burial, as it eliminates the need to consider a casket or to manage the remains. However, the high heat of cremation services can take a toll on the earth. Alternatively, if you limit burial services and materials, you can help your loved one’s remains naturally decompose, especially if you forego embalming or other chemical preservation processes. Time is also an element in this case.

Caskets, Burial Vaults, and Natural Processes for Burial Services

Beyond the remains, one of the most climate-affecting parts of the funeral is the materials used. Caskets can be grand, composed of many layers of wood, metal, plastic, or concrete, and can be further preserved with burial vaults that protect everything inside. Unfortunately, this prevents natural decomposition. A natural alternative is to plan a funeral in NJ with a simple, natural wood coffin that will decompose along with the remains, returning all elements back to the earth.

Don’t Forget These Important Parts of Planning a Green Funeral in NJ

Beyond the funeral itself, make sure to commit to a green funeral if it was important to your loved one. This may include things like requesting trees be planted instead of gifts of live flowers, asking that people make donations toward environmentally-friendly causes, or even holding a small funeral service so fewer people are encouraged to drive or fly to attend the event.

Respecting your loved one’s end-of-life wishes is one of the last and best things you can do for them. If your loved one valued the earth more than anything, talk to a funeral director at Smith Taylor Funeral Home in Dover about planning a green funeral.

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