Take the Pressure Off Your Family and Pre-Plan Your Funeral

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Is your funeral going to be a burden on your family? Funeral home directors in Dover have seen it all, including the many families who are struggling to make decisions about their loved one’s funeral. Did that person want to be cremated or buried? How much should be spent? What will it look like? If you want to take the pressure off of your family, consider pre-planning your funeral. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Your Final Wishes Are Always Honored When Your Pre-Plan a Funeral Service

Do you suspect that your family might do something other than what your wishes are after your death? Some family members are motivated by money, others by their own wishes and beliefs, but your end-of-life wishes are important. Ensure that they are followed when you plan your own funeral service. This also helps to eliminate arguments between other family members—they may mean well, but conflict during times of loss is stressful for everyone.

Keep Burial Service Costs Low and Affordable

Do you know your family well enough to know that they show love with their wallets—even if they can’t afford it? Your grown children and grandchildren may love you enough that they would break the bank to give you the best send-off possible… but you’d rather they spend that money on college, a new car, or something they will enjoy. You can control the costs of your funeral and burial service when you pre-plan! This not only reduces stress, but eliminates guilt, leaving your family free to truly enjoy what you left behind.

Feel Peace Knowing Your Final Resting Place and Gravestone Are Arranged

Are you a planner? Have you had your life mapped out since you were twelve? Is it unsettling when you don’t know where you’ll sleep that night? Many people report the same unsettled feeling about their final resting place, be that in a cemetery, a crematorium, or resting in a beautiful urn with a loved one. When you pre-arrange your funeral, you can reserve your burial plot, select your casket, and even engrave your own gravestone.

Pre-planning a funeral is a job for you, but a gift to leave your family and friend with. If you need help pre-planning your funeral, call the expert team at Smith Taylor Funeral Home in Dover for assistance!

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