Plan For the Cost of Cremation or Burial With These Tips from NJ’s Funeral Directors

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If you’re planning a funeral for a loved one, the costs may surprise you! Don’t be caught unaware—keep reading to find out more about the typical costs of cremation or burial from NJ’s best funeral directors.

Overall Cost of Funeral Services with Burial or Cremation
In New Jersey, the average funeral with viewing and burial tends to be around $8,000. This isn’t much higher than cremation (assuming you will still have a funeral service), as cremation services average around $7,500. If cost is a concern, you can save a small amount with cremation, but remember, your overall costs will still need to include the funeral home costs and more.

The “Fixed” Costs of Funeral Services in New Jersey
Most of the cost associated with funeral services in NJ don’t change whether you’re planning for burial or cremation. In fact, most of the cost is for the funeral service itself, the space and coordination for the viewing or memorial service, and the legal and regulatory tasks required for burial or cremation. For example, the national average fee to hold a funeral service is just over $2,000, with another $1,000-2,000 to cover viewing, ceremony, and regulatory fees. Another $1,000-$2,000 should be budgeted for services during the funeral, such as print materials, flowers, wreaths, transportation, and administration.

Plan Your Funeral Service With Attention to Cost Details
While about half of the cost of your loved one’s funeral is fixed and not likely to change, you see some options when you get into the details. Two of the most expensive parts of a burial include the casket and the funeral plot, which can vary widely in cost. For cremations, urns can also range significantly in price. When planning your funeral, make sure to take your total budget into account.
Funeral prices, much like everything else in the world, have risen over the past decade—about 10% higher. When you plan a funeral, burial, or cremation, talk with your funeral director about your cost and budget expectations. The funeral directors at Smith-Taylor Ruggiero Funeral Home are ready to work with you.

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