This is How A Natural Funeral in New Jersey Benefits the Earth

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If you or a loved one have spent your life protecting the earth, a traditional funeral in New Jersey may make you recoil in horror. A single-use coffin? Materials that don’t biodegrade? But you know that every person who lives must die, and with death, comes the need to handle the remains. The best funeral homes in New Jersey know there is a better option—keep reading to find out more about natural or green funerals!

Skip Embalming with NJ’s Green Funerals
If you’re a climate fan, you probably know that embalming fluids, used to preserve human remains, can be quite toxic to the environment. In fact, many environmentalists decry the use of these chemicals, although families appreciate the preservation effects that keep your loved one’s body fresh until visitors arrive. However, you can enjoy the best of both worlds when you skip embalming and choose a green funeral.

Embrace Natural Burial with Biodegradable Vaults
Regardless of the type of preparation you use, your loved one’s remains will need to rest somewhere—and, in some cases, the vault or container used to hold those remains will need to rest somewhere also. If you are planning a burial at sea, or a natural scattering of ashes, there are dissolvable urns. For a more natural burial in the earth, non-treated wood, wicker, or seagrass coffins offer a positive alternative.

Reduce Your Impact
Whether you choose a few parts of your funeral service to make environmentally-friendly, or hold an entirely green funeral in NJ, reducing your impact makes a difference. Go out on a green note, or help a loved one do the same when you work with New Jersey’s best funeral homes.
Ready to plan your natural, environmentally-friendly funeral today? Call your local funeral home in New Jersey to see what sorts of natural funeral options they have available!

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