Make Sure to Ask These Questions When Planning Your Cremation Services in NJ

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If you or a loved one have chosen cremation as part of your end-of-life planning, it may seem like that final day will be an easy one to plan. However, funeral homes in NJ know that there are many different details involved in cremation, and many questions that family and friends don’t realize they should ask. Keep reading for our guide to finding the best funeral home and planning cremation services in New Jersey.

Regulations Matter When Planning Cremation Services in NJ

An internet search for cremation services in NJ reveals a lot of options—how do you know which options are best? One of the first things you should ask when looking for cremation services in NJ is whether the funeral home operates their own crematory, and whether they are a licensed and insured facility. NJ’s laws for funeral homes and crematories are quite strict, so you need to know what your options are. You should know if your loved one’s remains will be cremated on-site, or if your funeral home works with a local crematory, and all parties should be appropriately licensed, insured, and in good standing with state and local regulators.

The Cost of Cremation in Dover Varies in Many Ways

When comparing cremation services in Dover, you may notice a lot of variation in cost. Always make sure to ask your funeral director what exactly is included in the cost of cremation. This helps you prepare for the process and keeps you from being surprised by bills. In addition, make sure to clarify the payment policies including payment types, deadlines, and other terms.

Plan a Cremation and Memorial Service with NJ’s Best Funeral Home

The questions above handle most of the technical details of cremation services in NJ, but what about a memorial service? Providing a place for family and friends to gather in remembrance is so important, but can be easily overlooked for cremation services. Many people don’t realize that you can still have a traditional funeral and even a viewing of the deceased before cremation, but the best funeral homes in NJ work with you to create a beautiful memorial service.

If you live in Dover, NJ, the Smith-Taylor-Ruggiero Funeral Home is here for all your end-of-life needs. From pre-planning to cremations, viewings to burials, we help your loved ones to find peace.


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